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Rolly Maulana Awangga


Rolly Maulana Awangga is an IT professional in the field of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and also Data Science. He was GIS developer of “Agenda Presiden” and “Sistem Database Dukungan Kebijakan Nasional” in Kementrian Sekretariat Negara Republik Indonesia. On 2018 He support SpaceMap(GIS Based Application) implementation in LAPAN. Born in Indramayu in 1986. He has been educated in Indramayu since Kindergarten until Junior High School. After graduating from SMPN 2(Junior High School), he go to high school in SMAN 2 Cirebon. Active in an intra-school organization (OSIS) and assistant coach of a Merpati Putih Indonesian martial arts. Tim Pioneer and logo maker of school security council SMA Negeri 2 Cirebon. After graduating high school, chasing Informatics Engineering bachelor degree program in (Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Telkom) STT Telkom in 2004. There are many from organization and committee, from internal to external campus. Active and some agencies are:

1. Chairman of Informatics Research Community

2. Chairman of Linux User Group STT Telkom

3. Treasurer of Klub Linux Bandung

4. Advocation of  Ubuntu Indonesia, Bandung Section

5. Assistant practicum of Operating System

6. Assistant Lecturer of Human-Computer Interaction

7. Active Member of Bandung Kota Blogger

8. ICT Volunteer executive of Relawan TIK Jabar

During college (2008-2010) working in marketing and sales division Telkom Divre III Jabar Banten in Competitive Intelligence section as Community Content Developer. After his graduation from a bachelor in 2010. He immediately got a scholarship from Informatics Faculty to continue Master Degree in Informatics Engineering, Institut Teknologi Telkom (IT Telkom).  His thesis is talking about Social Network Analysis on Ontology Design. During the master program, he had been a lecturer in Department of Information Management at Telkom Polytechnic for one semester simultaneously also became lecturer professional in Information Technology Faculty of Telkom Institute of Technology for one year and even acting as Account Manager of IT Project under the Vice Rector for Cooperation. After master graduated in 2013, to fulfill his passion as a professional in IT field, founded the company and became Expert in some IT Consultant in Bandung. At the same time, the community of Saung IT also established a non-profit organization for the development of IT education in the city. Become a journalist in Pikiran Rakyat and Volunteer ICT West Java. He was also developing Open Source Project program with Anton Rahardja (VoIP-ID) in 2015. 

Lecturer in Applied Bachelor  Program of Informatics Engineering Politeknik Pos Indonesia since September, 2015. Coordinator or Informatics Research Community (irc.poltekpos.ac.id) and Intellectual Property Right Team Poltekpos. Also, Reviewer in Elkomika Journal(Accredited by Highest Education Ministry) print ISSN 2338-8323, electronic ISSN 2459-9638. Active in several International reputable Conference act as Session Chair in ICITISEE 2007 (Amikom Jogjakarta and IEEE) and Mecnit 2017(Unprim and IOP). Reviewer at ICAE 2018 (Polibatam and IEEE), IEEE Transaction, National Accredited Journal. Currently active as Ph.D. students on Biomedical Engineering, STEI ITB with Prof. Tati LR. Mengko. Brain decoding as research topic.

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